We have made it our mission to enable our customers to live in its most beautiful form.

For us, this means not only the particularly careful selection of each building plot in selected locations of Munich and the surrounding area, but also the combination of stylish architecture with harmonious floor plans and state-of-the-art technology. As a truly classic property development company, unlike many of our competitors, we not only serve the commercial side of the property development business, but also handle almost the entire technical range through our own, highly qualified employees. The result is an unconditional, because self-managed quality management.

For you as a real estate buyer, this results in the advantage of finding your own contact person at any time in RS-Wohnbau GmbH. Starting with your personal sales consultant, followed by the support in the detail determination by our own in-house architects and finally during the construction and handover of your turnkey condominium by our permanent construction managers.

As a real estate buyer at RS-Wohnbau GmbH, you enjoy long-term living comfort and invest in future-proof values. The selection of all installed materials is based on decades of experience and so your home ownership gives you great pleasure even long after the warranty period has expired. Day after day, again and again.

The way to success

The history of our family business since the 1980s

Since 1986, RS-Wohnbau GmbH has been building attractive residential and commercial properties in Munich, is today one of Munich's largest property developers and one of the most successful, family-run real estate companies in the state capital. RS-Wohnbau GmbH was founded 35 years ago by Gerd P. Rumpf and Karlheinz Stapf and has since had its headquarters at Steinsdorfstraße 13 in Munich's Lehel district. In the company's first year, ten houses are already being built and sold in the eastern districts of Munich.

In 1992, after six financial years, the company has already grown significantly and has to expand. RS-Wohnbau GmbH moves into the entire fourth floor of the historic Schwanthalerhaus at Steinsdorfstraße 13 directly on the Isar and has since occupied about 600 m² of office space in the most beautiful location with a view of the Isar.

In 1995, Martin S. Rumpf joined the company in the spirit of a traditional family business and is today largely responsible for the success of the real estate company.

In 1996, RS-Wohnbau GmbH built a multi-storey apartment building in Moosach near the OEZ.

In 2002, the two thousandth condominium of RS-Wohnbau GmbH is handed over to its new owners.

In 2006, RS-Wohnbau GmbH built the largest condominium to date in Altbogenhausen with a total area of over 600 m².

In 2012, an apartment building with seven apartments is added to an existing building with valuable, old trees directly at the English Garden.

In 2016, the Rumpf family took over all shares and has since continued to run RS-Wohnbau GmbH as the sole owner family.

In 2017, Martin S. Rumpf was appointed second managing partner alongside Gerd P. Rumpf.

In 2019, the youngest son, Florian S. Rumpf, joined the company as a third shareholder and individual authorized signatory after completing his studies.

In 2020, RS-Wohnbau GmbH buys and develops one of the largest plots of land in Waldtrudering with over 3,000 m².

In 2021, RS-Wohnbau GmbH will build two extraordinary city villas in the best residential area of Pullach in the Isar Valley.

In 2024, Gerd P. Rumpf was dismissed as managing partner and Florian S. Rumpf was appointed as the second managing partner.

years of quality of the
RS-Wohnbau GmbH

35 years of property developer = more than 6,000 times valuable residential property in the Munich area

RS-Wohnbau GmbH can look back on 35 years of company history in 2021. Since that time, hundreds of objects of various designs and in different architectural languages have shaped the townscape of their respective locations and have become a "piece of Munich". Even if all construction projects are always planned individually and subjected to constant further development, they all have one thing in common – they are usually recognizable at first glance as an object of RS-Wohnbau GmbH.

Currently, the company has the proud balance of more than 700 built apartment buildings with over 6,000 built apartments and about 600,000 m² of living space. To date, more than 20,000 people live in condominiums of RS-Wohnbau GmbH and live their personal dream home every day anew. This is almost the size of the district town of Starnberg in the south of Munich. And last but not least, almost 1.5 percent of Munich's population.

RS-Wohnbau GmbH has grown continuously and, above all, healthily. Therefore, the company today proudly enjoys not only the highest reputation in banking circles, but also the best reputation among its buyers. In the meantime, many customers have also purchased their third or fourth condominium in Munich and the surrounding area from the proven property developer. The constant team of motivated employees for many years as well as the wealth of experience make the real estate company so successful in a competitive industry with numerous challenges. And this story will be continued.

Technical pioneer in residential and commercial real estate

Today, at least one object of RS-Wohnbau GmbH can be found in each of the 19 districts of the city of Munich. RS-Wohnbau GmbH was a technical pioneer in a wide variety of construction areas at an early stage: 

In 1996, at the special request of customers, RS-Wohnbau GmbH installed the then state-of-the-art audio and video technology, integrated into a highly complex BUS system, and thus inspired buyers and trade press a wide range.

In 1999, the company demonstrated its expertise in the construction of highly complex commercial and industrial buildings and built the most modern film studio in Europe at the time in the film city of Babelsberg near Potsdam.

In 2011 and 2012, RS-Wohnbau GmbH took over the construction supervision for the construction of a state-of-the-art medical center including a connection to an existing large hospital in Munich-Neuhausen. The planned construction in a vacant lot in a prime downtown location in general and the planned expansion of a cardiac catheterization laboratory in particular presented the company with new structural challenges, which will be successfully completed with the opening of the medical center in summer 2012.

In 2017, RS-Wohnbau GmbH completed Munich's most advanced apartment building in terms of degree of mechanization and building technology in the Altbogenhausen district.