We at RS-Wohnbau GmbH are fully aware of our ecological responsibility. We place a high value on saving energy on our building projects, for example by using the latest building technology with a renewable element, and we are one of the first companies ever to use the climate-neutral outer brick from our supplier Schlagmann (Poroton S-9 brick).

But we do even more. 

One third of the size of Germany is covered with forest and this area alone ensures that around 52 million tonnes of CO2 are absorbed every year. This is roughly equivalent to the combined emissions of Berlin and Hamburg. For this very reason it is important to preserve the valuable resources of the forest and to make a contribution to personal climate neutrality in reforestation in Germany.

In cooperation with PRIMAKLIMA e.V., RS-Wohnbau GmbH plants 100 trees per completed construction project. We deliberately support voluntary work in a regional project and currently our trees are being planted in a reforestation in Saxony. A total of 10,000 indigenous tree species such as sessile oak, “Winterlinde”, fluttering elm and bird cherry will create an attractive mixed forest in the specific reforestation area. This will provide a new habitat for numerous bird and insect species and the area will also serve as an efficient flood protection.

On average, every German has a CO2 footprint of around 12 tonnes per year and with our climate protection program we make a significant contribution to personal climate neutrality for each resident of our homes.

Our first certificate out of ten.